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Financial Affairs Assistance

  • Managing bill payments (e.g., insurance premiums, estimated taxes), checkbook maintenance, basic bookkeeping
  • Organizing personal papers and mail
  • Reconciling/reviewing bank and investment statements
  • Reviewing investments
  • Organizing information for tax preparer
  • Researching health insurance
  • Managing assets with existing wealth advisor and banks or other companies
  • Researching cost basis and current value of assets
  • Valuing assets, including preparing necessary analyses

Professional Fiduciary Services

  • Serving as Trustee, Conservator or Personal Representative of an Estate and all administration through court appointment
  • Serving as Agent in Power of Attorney
  • Reviewing estate planning options with a client

Other Services

  • Arranging estate sales and/or personal property appraisals with area professionals
  • Facilitating real estate appraisals and/or sale arrangements
  • Providing guidance for appointed trustees, personal representatives or conservators

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